Release Notes

04/07/2020 (Version:

The following issues/improvements have been addressed in this patch release:

  1. Integrated with EV Code Signing Certificate: This will avoid Microsoft Unknown Publisher warning when installing Pixtel.

04/01/2020 (Version:

The product has been re-branded as Pixtel, formerly GetPixit. We have plans to expand into a larger video authoring market and decided to change the name to Pixtel. In addition to re-branding, we have included significant improvements to make Pixtel as a well-rounded product in the screen capture, share, and management space.

Important features:

  1. Capture Features:

    1. Video and Audio recording with full sharing and management support:

      1. Pixtel provides comprehensive video and audio recording functionality. Video recording includes recording screen with or without camera video feed. There are a variety of options that help to control the recording quality and the type of recording in a simple and easy to use interface. Pixtel uses high-performance screen capture technology that uses the GPU accelerated screen capture which reduces CPU utilization and capture lags significantly. Similar to video recording, audio recording helps to record the audio from the speaker and the microphone, and save it in an audio file. Audio recording is helpful for recording conference calls, meetings, vocal, and music. Along with the audio, a screenshot can be taken to provide visual context to the audio.

      2. All recorded videos and audio files can be categorized, tagged and managed in the same way as screenshots.

      3. Videos can be played in the Pixtel video player or with Windows media player. Both video and audio files can be edited in Windows video editor or in Audacity audio editor.

    2. New Manual Screenshot Support in Continuous Region Capture: Continuous Capture helps users to take screenshots of a region at a specified interval without duplicates. This helps to capture important content in a video or a webinar. In some cases, the user may want to take screenshots as required. This is useful when you are using an application and need to take screenshots of the same region at different times without going back and forth every time with a new capture.

    3. Scrolling Capture Improvements: Added significant improvements in performance and handling of the large scrolling capture images.

  2. Annotation and Image Editing Features:

    1. Support for auto-resize in the annotation viewer context menu: It is often difficult to find the size of the canvas to expand when there are several annotations outside the image area. With auto-resize, Pixtel will automatically detect the boundaries of all annotations, expands the canvas and reposition the image and annotations appropriately. This reduces a lot of time users spend to get the right-sized canvas positioning annotations properly.

    2. Copy and Text extraction support for Embedded Image Annotations: Embedded image annotations help to add external images as annotations on top of the current screenshot. These are very useful when you are composing multiple screenshot segments to illustrate the concept or show various segments of a data report together. However, once you embed an image into a screenshot, it is not easy to copy the content of the image segment again. With the new context menu options for embedded images, it is very easy to copy content and extract text from the embedded image annotation directly. Also, now embedded image annotations have support to reset to original image size in the properties.

    3. Image Editing: Provided Clip Horizontal and Clip Vertical support. These two features help to slice the images either horizontally or vertically and remove a section. These two features help to reduce the size of long scrolling capture moving unnecessary content.

  3. Share Features

    1. YouTube: Captured videos can be uploaded to your YouTube account from the share fly-out.

    2. Vimeo: Captured videos can be uploaded to your Vimeo account from the share fly-out.

  4. Management Features

    1. Search Module Performance: Now, you can search thousands of images while working on the annotations in the annotation view. Results show up incrementally without requiring to wait for the full search result.

    2. Search Video and Audio Files: Search panel now has flags to search video and/or audio files exclusively.

    3. Dashboard: Includes the number of media files and the total storage space used by video and audio files.

    4. User Preferences: Video and Audio preferences are included in the Capture tab of the User Preferences window.

    5. Undo Manager: When handling a large number of embedded images and other annotations, the undo manager slows the performance of the application. This is often seen on slower machines and with a large number of annotations, 50 or more. User Preferences now supports disabling undo manager and the number of undo levels. These can be configured as required.

06/12/2019 (Version:

First public release with all the documentation and tutorials.

2017-2019: Internal releases and Beta testing.

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